Yorkshire Three Peaks

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Sailing is Awesome

Eight Craven Young Carers had an amazing weekend sailing with the Ocean Youth Trust North.  A big thank you to the crew for helping to make the trip such a memorable experience.  Ilkley Community Transport and Skipton Self Drive also supported our young carers getting to North Shields to board the Ocean Venture.OYT crew sailing certificate ycs sailing group  A special thank you to Chris Walters.

Volunteers are awesome, again!

We’ve said once, we’ll say it again….our volunteers are AWESOME!

We’ve had to sadly say good bye to Imogen, our volunteer at our primary school youth club, BUDz. Imogen has been such a great help over the past year and we will all miss her smiley, happy face. Imogen is moving down south to work in an out door residential centre with children. We celebrated the last BUDz sesssion with pizza & sports day! Good luck Imogen 🙂


Simons Seat Training walk

Sailing with Ocean Youth Trust 22nd July


Young Carers Fair was Awesome

Our Young Carers Fair was awesome! We managed to secure a small stall at Grove road school in Harrogate on Friday 8th July 2016. Our young carers used their talented skills to create handmade chocolates,cakes, Swiss roll and even some jewelry boxes to raise money for Young carers. They managed to raise an amazing £22!


Summer Youth Clubs

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