Helen Prince
Head of Development, Young Carers and Families

Helen Prince is the Head of Development for Young Carers and Families, with responsibility for delivering and expanding our services to support young carers and parents of children with disabilities. Helen is a parent carer herself and joined Carers’ Resource in 2005 as a young carer mentor, having had various roles within the team since then.

Ketisha Dale
Senior Young Carer Worker (Bradford)

Ketisha joined Carers‘ Resource in April after having previously working with the young carers service with Barnardo’s. Ketisha works in the Shipley and Keighley districts of Bradford.

Sarah Beard
Young Carer Worker (Harrogate)

Sarah works in in the Young Carer team in Harrogate supporting young carers and their families with 1:1 Mentoring work, Youth Clubs and organising trips and activities.

Linda Hall
Young Carer Worker (Harrogate)

Linda supports young carers and their families in Harrogate with mentoring 1:1 support, Youth Club and organising Trips and activities.

Laura Ives
Young Carer Worker (Craven)

Laura works in the Young Carer team in Craven supporting young carers and their families.

Chris Windsor
Young Carer Worker (Bradford)

Chris started working with Carers’ Resource in June 2019.

Chris can be seen at the groups every week and also looks after the social media pages for the young carers.

Chris is a keen musician and can be seen playing gigs in the Yorkshire area with his band. Chris also loves a good curry!

Carol Haycock
Young Carer Worker (Bradford South)

Carol also came over from Barnado’s in April 2019 with Ketisha.

Carol works with young carers in Bradford South.

Jonnie Armstrong
Young Carer Worker (Bradford East)

Jonnie joined the team in June 2019.

In his spare time Jonnie enjoys playing basketball, watching football and tucking into a pizza!

Jonnie works in the Bradford East area.

Emma Perkins
Young Carer Worker (Bradford West)

Emma is the newest member of the Young Carers team, having transferred from the Contact team.

She enjoys catching up with the latest series on Netflix and also horse riding. 

Emma is working with the Bradford West young carers.

Carrie Broadbent
Young Carer Worker (Keighley and Shipley)

Carrie became part of the Young Carers team, after working with us over the Summer activities.

As you can see from her picture, she is a keen biker and has been around the world doing the hobby she loves to do! You might see her riding around Bradford from time to time!

Carrie is working in Keighley and Shipley locations.