Personal Safety

It is often seen as common sense to keep yourself safe, but what does that mean? Everyone’s idea of safety is independent to their own experiences, beliefs, and attitudes. The responsibility of a young peoples’ general safety is with their parents or guardians, but as you get older you spend more time outside of the family home and the care of your parents, so you need to make sure you are equipped as well as possible to keep yourself safe.

There are many things you can do to achieve this, from walking on lit streets at night, to looking both ways when crossing a road. However; since back in the day where our parents learnt about keeping safe, there is a whole new world that has developed where we need to remember to also be safe – the virtual world of technology.

Technology has advanced so much over the past decade, through the introduction of things like the internet and mobile phones. As the years have passed, the possible uses for things like mobiles have increased to allow us to take photos, surf the internet, update our Facebook status, and keep up with celebrities on Twitter. We are all more accessible than ever before.

So, you need to know the potential risks with this world of possibilities, and what you can do to keep safe in this environment. Sure, you are sat in a maths lesson, a safe environment. But let’s say you go on Facebook and notice you have a friend request; it is from someone you don’t know and you accept. The minute you accept this person, they have access to all your photos, information, school details, who your friends are, mobile number, birthday, even where you have ‘checked in’. By only accepting friend requests from people you know, you will minimise the risk of you being added by someone who might be a risk to you.

Social networking sites and mobiles are fantastic ways of connecting with friends, but making sure you keep yourself as safe as possible is an essential part of growing up.

Did you know?
‘Sexting’ that involves a child under the age of 18 sending an explicit photograph of themselves to their friends or an adult, has led to some being charged with distribution of child pornography, while those who have received the images have been charged with possession of child pornography.

Did you know?
If you are in danger, or think you are being followed home, you can call the police and they will come to assist you.

The world is not a big bad place like it’s often portrayed on the news. However, incidents do occur, even if they don’t end up in the news. The best person to keep yourself safe is YOU! If you think something isn’t right or may not be safe, just don’t get involved. It’s your life and your future, so get yourself equipped to take on the world and have a good time!

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