We wlp.aspxant to Spread The Word about young carers and young adult carers. The more people know and understand about being a young carer the better. We do lots of work with schools, colleges and other organisations so that young carers and young adult carers will be able to find support wherever they are. We put up posters like the one shown here.

Contact us if you would like to help us Spread The Word.

  • Maybe you’d like to tell your story? – we can help you.
  • Maybe you’d like us to come in to your school and talk to other pupils or teachers?
  • Maybe you would like to stand up somewhere and talk about young carers? – we can provide you with a PowerPoint presentation or a DVD to help.

Carers’ Trust does amazing work campaigning on behalf of carers of all ages. The links below are to some of their current campaigns.

Interesting Links