The Future

It is impossible to know what everyone’s future will bring, but it’s a good idea to think about what you want in your future. For example, where would you like to be in five years? And how do you think you can get there?
Your future goals may change, and that’s ok; it is hard to know exactly what you want and sometimes people don’t know until much later on, but it is never too late to strive for your dreams. So, let’s talk about it…

For you to reach your goals you sometimes need to plan. This can be for a long term goal or sometimes it can be more useful to plan for short term events, such as exams. For example if you need to revise for an exam, give yourself a plan of what you need to do and when would you like to have it done. It can be really helpful to put a target time for each thing you want to achieve, so you have a clear idea of when things have to be done. I know it helps me if I sit down and plan what I need to do and how I can do it, it really gets me motivated. These are called action plans and they can be really useful to help you achieve your goals, but you must make the action plan realistic so it works for you and what you want. It’s important to keep your options open, too; it is positive when you feel sure about what you want in your future, but things can change and therefore it is always good to be adaptable and have other possible options accessible to you.
When looking at what you want in your future, don’t be pressured into choosing a certain path that other people want you to have, your future is for you and you must do what’s right for you.

If you are unsure on what you want to do in the future you could try reflecting. Reflecting means looking back on events in your life either recently or in the past and remembering how certain times made you feel, what you enjoyed and vice versa. It is really important to do this, so you know what you like doing and what you don’t like doing, and why. You may remember doing a certain subject in class that you found interesting, or a visit to a place that you enjoyed; this can get you thinking and help you figure out what you want from life. Keeping a diary is a useful way of reflecting and can be good to refer back to. Seeing a career advisor in school can also be good as they can advise you on how you can achieve your goals, for example what grades you may need in certain subjects. They can also give you ideas about potential courses or careers you may find interesting.

School can be hard and stressful sometimes, but use your opportunities wisely, as school can help you achieve your dreams so you have a fulfilled future.

And finally – always dream big… it’s your future, go grab it!

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