Everyone likes the chance to go somewhere new…

The more exciting the better! We understand that sometimes you don’t get to go places and do things you want to, because of the way caring affects your life. It is often things like going places and having fun that young carers miss out on, and it’s our job to help make these things happen. Being a young carer can be tough, but we believe having a fun break from your caring role, and making friends with other young carers makes a difference.

A lot of our young carers really need a break and we like to offer them a range of activities to get involved in during school holidays. This helps you to get out of the house, make new friends, have fun, laugh and experience new things. Anything from art work and museums to a thrill packed day a theme park – there is something for everyone. When you join the service, we ask you what you like to do – this helps us to tailor things to you as an individual, and makes sure you are involved in things you like to do.

If you’re up for a real adventure, let us know you’re interested in being involved in our residential weekends. These are the times you really learn something new about yourself, face challenges, and often end up EXTREMELY tired when you finally get home. These weekends can be anywhere from outdoor pursuit centres and weekends at the coast, to a short stay at fun packed holiday villages in the UK.

If you’re not in the Harrogate & Craven area, click here to find your local young carers project.

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